Performance Update: Market Evolution Fund returns 32.19% vs a 6.47% gain for the S&P 500 – 1st half of 2014

For the 1st six months of the year the Market Evolution Fund showed a total gain of 32.19% vs a 6.47% gain in the S&P 500.

Cumulative Performance (Jan. 01 to Jun. 30 2014)

Cumulative Return 6 months

Risk Measures

DN - Risk Measures June 30


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Market Evolution Fund Delivers a Record 100.24% Return Over 3 Months.

The Market Evolution Fund has completed the 3rd quarter of 2013 with a record 100.24% return. The fund employs adaptive option spreads on U.S. equity indexes and very liquid blue chip stocks. The strategies seek to capitalize on changes in volatility, price and time.

Risk & Performance Audit Report


Performance Report


This is a private fund and not open to the public. This notice is for informational purposes only.

Market Evolution Fund Posts a Record 48.36% Twelve Month Return.

The Market Evolution Fund completes another 12 months with a 48.36% return vs. a 5.48% return for the S&P500 over the same time period (Dec. 2010 to Nov. 30 2011). The fund is showing a 137. 26% return over the last 3 years & 11 months vs. a negative  – 15.08% return for the S&P 500. Volatility arbitrage strategies were key drivers for profits as panicked investors drove up near term volatility readings this year. (See pics – click for larger image)

Pic One – Master Feeder Account.

Cover Article Re-release.

In May of 2009 I was honored to be featured on the cover of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine for a hedged portfolio strategy I developed during the financial crisis of 2008. The portfolio performed very well in highly volatile market conditions. Since we are experiencing much of the same conditions today in the financial markets, I am releasing the article to investors for a limited time. Enjoy!

John Manley Stocks & Commodities Magazine May 2009

Performance Update: Market Evolution Fund Posts Record Returns While Markets Suffer Worst Decline in Years.

The Market Evolution Fund jumped to new all time highs scoring a 7.68% positive return for the month of September while the broad market (S&P500) suffered a – 7.18%  loss for the same time period.

Year-to-date, the Market Evolution Fund is up 28% (to Sept. 30) vs. a -8.71% loss in the S&P500.

Master feeder account performance statements.

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Volatility Arbitrage Strategy Returns 67.5% over 2.5 Weeks on Euro Crisis.

Panicked market participants helped set the stage for a lucrative volatility arbitrage strategy on the S&P500 through the SPY. The play was mostly Delta neutral and profited on the decline of very expensive front month implied volatility and time. Back end Vega was hedged by a separate Dual Ratio Spread.

Duration of the play was 2.5 weeks and returned 67.5% on risk capital. P&L per each managed account.

Model Diagram

Market Evolution Fund Celebrates its 6th Anniversary with a 227% Total Return.

As of Sept. 07, 2011 the Market Evolution Fund is showing a 227.1% total return over a 6 year period vs. a 7.8% return for the S&P500 covering the same time frame. Year to date the Fund is up 18.34% vs a -3.45% decline in the S&P500.

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Market Evolution Fund: Performance Update

After tripling in value during late April 2011, the Market Evolution Fund is currently  showing a 213.5% return (or a 36.18% annual return) as it closes in on its 6th Anniversary on August 29th of this year. This compares to a 10.43% return (or a 1.76% annual return)  for the benchmark S&P500 over the same time period.


Milestone: Market Evolution Fund Triples in Value.

The Market Evolution Fund hit a major milestone recently by tripling in value since inception (5 years, 7 months), logging a 200.4% return.  Conversely over the same time period, the broad market as measured by the S&P500 is showing a 8.27% return. For 2011 the fund is up 10.58% year to date (Jan. 01 to Apr 19).

The graphic below highlights the Master Managed Account (which feeds the other accounts). The master account was funded with $100,000 USD at the end of August 2005.  Since that time there have not been any deposits or withdrawals in the account.  As of Apr. 19th, 2011 the net liquidation value of the account is $300,416.76 USD.

This is a private fund and not open to the public. This announcement is for information purposes only and is not a solicitation or advertisement of any kind.

Update: Market Evolution Strategies Absolute Performance vs. the S&P 500 Index

The graph below illustrates the absolute relative performance of the Market Evolution Strategies Mandate vs. the S&P 500 index.  The performance shows a client managed account from inception (May 2007  to Dec 31 2010). The account was originally funded with $100,000 USD. After 3 years, 8 months the account is showing a 146% return or $246,065 USD in absolute terms. Conversely, $100,000 USD invested in the S&P 500 index over the same time period is now worth $82,170 USD.